Friday, May 7, 2021

The Winner is … LGBTQ Music Awards

Our amazing music loving visitors has had their say - The Song Of the Year is...

Nominee : Patrik Jean – «Prosecco»

Patrik Jean has followed life’s many turns and is back with playful single «Prosecco».

Nominee : Cameron Hawthorn – «Dancing in the Living Room»

«Dancing In The Living Room» narrates the feeling of dancing with a loved one in the most intimate of places. Featuring organic instrumentation and passionate heartfelt vocals that glide gently atop the soft sweeping melodies, the single is a wholehearted love song.

Nominee : Bertie Scott – «Higher»

Alt-pop artist Bertie Scott has returned with new music in the form of latest single «Higher».
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Nominee : Patrick – «Psychedelic Love Storm»

Patrick are the third nominee of LGBTQ Music Awards 2019 song of the year with the hit song «Psychedelic Love Storm».

Winner of «Christmas Music of 2019» – Trey Pearson – «Under The Mistletoe»

Trey Pearson winner of Winner of «Christmas Music of 2019».

Nominee : Matthew James – «Right Now»

Matthew James Harrou Sivertson, better known by his stage name Matthew James, is a Moroccan-American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and professional pianist located in Los Angeles, CA.

Nominee : KEiiNO – «Spirit in the Sky»

KEiiNO is a Norwegian-Sami collaboration project between the artists Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo.

Nominee : Kevin Chomat – «La vague»

Kevin Chomat was born in 1994 in Saint-Etienne and he has been passionate of music and singing since a young age.

Nominee : Daniel Schuhmacher – «Feelings»

German singer and songwriter Daniel Schuhmacher are the first nominee of LGBTQ Music Awards 2019 song of the year with his #1 hit song «Feelings».